That’s me. Except I cut my hair & sat on those sunglasses a while ago.

You’re on my blog. This is my other blog, where I track my adventures in marriage, sustainable living & Francofile-ing. If you’re here, you should probably know a few key things:

  1. I’m an MPA student at the School of Public & Environmental Affairs, studying a blend of sustainability & policy analysis–all with the hopes of developing local, holistic agriculture systems.
  2. This blog is a class project. My sustainable communities class relies on this blog to get updates on projects. Not in the class? No worries. Check earlier posts for more background, but I should be putting things into the proper context for all readers.
  3. I am, to put it lightly, passionate about food, from soil to seed to serving friends meals. I use a foodie lens on most things. I’ll try to keep that to a minimum on posts that aren’t about my Personal Project. Want more? Check out my tumblr, where I post fun articles & pictures about food, gardening & awesome design relating to the two.
  4. For class, we’re each doing a personal project to see how we can make our own lives more sustainable. So here we go: My husband & I will be pushing toward a zero-waste diet. That means no food in the trash & no processed foods adding to the recycling pile. (Surprised? Did you not read #3?) More on this to come. To stay tuned, check out the Personal Project category.
  5. This blog relies on you. I’m just learning what sustainable communities are, and if I ever hope to develop successful ones I need your input. How do you define “community”? What makes yours sustainable? Share your thoughts here & on posts.

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