week 12: the budget update

This week’s grocery list had a heavy price tag as we stocked back up on some things (stock, olive oil) & splurged on some meet for an incredible barley stew recipe I found. Remember how, ages ago now, our good friends moved to the Big City & gave us loads of groceries? Well, I’m finally sorting out what to do with the barley. It went into two great recipes this week–stew from this Best of Gourmet cookbook & an incredible Happy Yolks recipe (subbing barley for farro).

Confession: I have a cookbook addiction. I counted, and I have 12. And I love them all for really different reasons. (And I’m still dying for a few, like Julia Child’s master work.) I’m trying to sift back through them for new recipes, unique ways to use things up & ways to merge recipes into fun new things. At the end of the semester, I’ll migrate back to my “real” blog & post some new recipes. But for now, you have to try this hearty, heart-warming  butternut-barley dish.


Breakfast: homemade toast & apple butter or granola with milk

Sat. lunch:
Swiss chard tart & apple-radish salad
Sat. dinner: bison chili & tortilla chips
Sun. lunch: more bison chili & tortilla chips
Sun. dinner: root vegetable stew with biscuits on top
Mon. lunch: root vegetable stew with biscuits on top
Mon. dinner: homemade pizza with eggplant & peppers
Tues. lunch: root vegetable stew with the biscuits on top
Tues. dinner: roasted veggies, feta cheese & couscous with salads
Wed. lunch: homemade ratatouille pizza
Wed. dinner: root vegetable stew with biscuits on top
Thurs. lunch: spicy calzone & fries to celebrate Thanksgiving vacation
Thurs. dinner:  misc. leftovers
Fri. lunch: barley soup & crackers
Fri. dinner: NACHOOOOS!
Sat. lunch:
barley soup
Sat. dinner:
eggs & potatoes



CSA (average $30/week)
collard greens
salad turnips
gallon of apple cider

Organic Groceries ($60)
olive oil
cremini mushrooms
vegetable stock mix
tomato paste
almond milk
can of tomatoes
2 pomegranates

Impulse Purchases ($40)
OJ + sparkling wine,  dinner out

From Garden


  • a failed attempt at pastry crust–seriously no idea what happened there, trashed
  • lots of compost
  • cheese that got old & grew PINK mold, trashed
  • pasta sauce that spoiled before we could finish it, trashed
  • cooked vegetables that were forgotten after they topped two pizzas, trashed
  • 2 box things from almond milk, trashed
  • several bags from buying bulk goods,trashed (due to holes)
  • wrapper from butter, trashed
  • glass bottles from beer & wine, recycled

About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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