week 11: the budget update

We also ordered our turkey breast this week, through our co-op who is getting turkeys from various local farms. I had a bit of sticker shock, then I remembered that (1) we’re living our ethics (2) we’re supporting local farmers and (3) so many ingredients for Thanksgiving will be super cheap. Stale bread, carrots, potatoes… I mean, this is a fall harvest dinner. Root vegetables tend to have really reasonable price tags.

This week, we also made a massive meal that fed us for four days: bounty rice. It’s from my Simply in Season cookbook–a small but mighty book! Bounty rice is simple. Cooked Arborio rice + sautéed chorizo, peppers, onion +  small head of cabbage = simmer for 15 minutes, then stir in sour cream. It’s creamy & a m a z i n g & spicy & comforting.

My family (parents & sister) are coming into town for the holiday, and we’ll be having a largely local Thanksgiving. It’s really exciting to be hosting Thanksgiving & spending time in the kitchen drinking wine & making food with my mom & sister. My mom has taught me so much about food, and I miss the week nights we’d spend watching Food Network while getting dinner ready. My sister has long shown the same passion for baking that I have, so I love getting us all back together for good meals. And I love being able to put our CSA produce to work for more people. Is it the holidays yet?


Breakfast: homemade toast & apple butter or homemade granola with milk

Sat. lunch:
free soup at the Market’s soup tasting!
Sat. dinner: homemade bread & homemade cheese (our contributions to a potluck)
Sun. lunch: pasta with mushrooms, brie & arugula
Sun. dinner: roasted potatoes, turnips, beets, radishes & sweet potatoes with side salads
Mon. lunch: bounty rice
Mon. dinner: left overs
Tues. lunch: bounty rice
Tues. dinner: pizza, in celebration of the POTUS with the Most-us
Wed. lunch: bounty rice
Wed. dinner: eggs & leftovers
Thurs. lunch: bounty rice
Thurs. dinner:  Camembert-eggplant, kale chips & roasted vegetable leftovers
Friday lunch: stinging nettle pizza (but we subbed in other greens) &
Friday dinner: quinoa-kale patties & radish-apple salad

homemade granola bars, chips & homemade salsa, homemade bread with “Nutella”


CSA (average $30/week)
sweet peppers
a massive bag of apples
butternut squash
2 large eggplants
3 large tomatoes (!!!)
mustard greens
Russian red kale
loads of turnips

Organic Groceries ($40)
tortilla chips
a pound of local chorizo
large onion
2 large bulbs of garlic
hot chocolate mix
flax seed
tomato juice
almond milk
sour cream

Impulse Purchases ($25)
beeeeeeer & that pizza

From Garden


  • used cheese cloth
  • tortilla chip, coffee, flax seed & bulk good bags
  • 3 cups of red beans that spoiled in the fridge, into the trash
  • a container of old coleslaw, also into the trash (due to the mayo)
  • lots of compost

About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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