week 10: the budget update

We’ve been scrambling this week & still have a lot of things to use up–beet greens, sweet potatoes & potatoes (which at least store well), beets… It’s going to be a busy couple of days, but I’m resisting the urge to boil everything, throw it into the food processor and call it soup. I admit it: I am over soup for a bit.

I’ve also noticed that the switch to this cold weather has me wanting to eat carbohydrates (mostly in the form of breads) exclusively. I’ve indulged that craving for the past two days. Okay, all week, which is why pizza was on the menu about four times. Hey, at least this week, it was all homemade. We don’t have a lot of patience sometimes, so what I’ve found is that a no-yeast pizza crust really saves us. We mix: 1 cup all-purpose flour + 1 teaspoon baking powder + 1/3 cup milk (any type you have on hand) + 1/8 cup oil (again, whatever flavor you feel like–anything from canola to olive or sesame).

It comes together easily, presses out evenly, creates the perfect size pizza for two people & has a crispy, flaky flavor that’s pretty distinct. Sometimes, I find crispy crusts too cracker-like, but this takes on the texture of a pie crust. Plus, getting a pizza in the oven in less than five minutes makes it taste that much better. Then just grab a beer, turn on the game & wait ten minutes!

This week, I also forced myself to really think about our waste. We filled up the compost bucket three times, & we haven’t thrown any leftovers into the trash this week. But wow. When I really think about each meal, it’s still more trash than you realize.


Breakfast: massive apples or toast with fair trade “nutella” or homemade granola with milk

Sat. lunch:
leftovers from last week
Sat. dinner: homemade cheese pizza
Sun. lunch: eggs & toast
Sun. dinner: sandwiches at Upland
Mon. lunch: potato soup & corn bread
Mon. dinner: roasted garlic cauliflower & salad
Tues. lunch: eggs & toast & random snack things
Tues. dinner: quinoa-stuffed acorn squash
Wed. lunch: potato soup
Wed. dinner: Swiss chard tart
Thurs. lunch: potato soup
Thurs. dinner: more pizza
Friday lunch: I honestly have no idea…
Friday dinner: quinoa & kale patties & roasted vegetables

homemade granola bars, apple crisp from a friend


CSA (average $45/week for the two CSAs)
salad mix
sweet peppers
radishes (from both)
Holy Basil tincture
daikon radish
Black Spanish radish
carnival squash
collard greens
Swiss chard mix
2 lb. potatoes

Organic Groceries ($40)
Parmesan cheese
large can of tomatoes
tortilla chips
almond milk
5 lb. flour
honey wheat bread

Impulse Purchases ($x)

From Garden
tiny baby carrots (from thinning out the rows)
jalapeño peppers


  • used cheese cloth
  • plastic gallon of milk
  • plastic bags from tortilla chips
  • plastic container of Parmesan cheese, recycled
  • a Starbucks cup/lid/sleeve, recycled (from a Zen tea with loads of honey :))
  • other random odds & ends from the cupboard that were used up, then had their packaging thrown in the trash
  • plastic bags from bulk goods
  • plastic wrappers from candy & snack-sized chips at work (a bad habit I’m forming)
  • several aluminum cans
  • paper bag from the pound of coffee
  • bottles & cardboard from six-packs
  • recycled leftovers box from Upland
  • lots of compost

About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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