week 9: the budget update

The hardest thing about this project–after finding the time to cook on a regular basis–has been figuring out if we’re reducing our waste. Overall, yes. The trash bags last longer, smell better & don’t have much in them from our meals. But it still feels like we’re creating rules, which still makes us want to order them. We’re still making it entertaining, though.

There were loads of food adventures this week, from spaetzle to cheese. One of the easiest & most enjoyed by all? When a friend came over for dinner Tuesday, I decided to use up random odds & ends for dessert. Quinoa ginger snaps that I’d be storing in the freezer for times like these became a no-bake cookie crust, & our standard food stores went into this filling. That meant the only thing to buy (& add to our waste) was a block of tofu. #score

denotes ingredients purchased/made in prior weeks
FM denotes farmers’ market (otherwise, from Bloomingfoods)

Breakfast: massive apples or toast with butter or homemade granola or pumpkin cinnamon rolls
Sat. lunch:
vegetable sandwiches on baguette with cheddar, pesto & hummus
Sat. dinner: vegetable sandwiches on baguette with cheddar, pesto & hummus
Sun. lunch: Swiss chard tart
Sun. dinner: quinoa-stuffed acorn squash
Mon. lunch: potato soup & corn bread
Mon. dinner: spaetzle with roasted tomato sauce & salad
Tues. lunch: pumpkin chili (with our dried red beans)
Tues. dinner: butternut squash gratin
Wed. lunch: Swiss chard tart
Wed. dinner: quinoa & kale patties
Thurs. lunch: more pumpkin chili
Thurs. dinner:  sweet potato curry, made vegetarian
Friday lunch: more pumpkin chili
Friday dinner: pizza

none, really


CSA (average $45/week for the two CSAs)
salad mix
sweet peppers
hot peppers
red beans
golden delicious apples
butternut squash
summer squash
gallon of apple cider
lots of radishes
Napa cabbage
mustard greens
sweet potatoes

Organic Groceries ($50)
large can of tomatoes
canola oil
tortilla chips
salad dressing

Impulse Purchases ($46–What can I say? It’s baking season.)
whole wheat bread flour
chocolate chips
gallon of whole milk
pizza from Pizza X

From Garden


  • used cheese cloth
  • plastic gallon of milk
  • plastic bags from tortilla chips
  • plastic wrappers from candy & snack-sized chips at work (a bad habit I’m forming)
  • several aluminum cans
  • paper bag from the pound of coffee
  • bottles & cardboard from six-packs
  • a pizza box + soda cups + a paper bag/plastic cup from breadsticks (WHY CAN’T WE STOP DOING THIS?)
  • lots of compost

About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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3 Responses to week 9: the budget update

  1. Why the hell have I not been reading this blog? Can you make a budget/meal plan for me every week? k thanks

    • meganbetz says:

      It’s seriously what I do immediately after we get our CSA. Saves us loads of money & has kept lots of things (well, except radishes) from the trash. I’m definitely going to keep this portion of the blog going on la francofile at the end of this semester.

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