week 7: the budget update

This post didn’t get made on Friday, because I was busy hiking & hanging out in the Stars Hallow-esque town of Nashville, Ind. with my family. We took the weekend to soak up all the awesome autumn weather fun that the Bloomington area has to offer. Unfortunately, that made for our third weekend out of commission, leaving this blog, my school work & Joe’s work-work painfully behind.

Notice the waste & impulse purchase sections are missing from this week’s update. They were off the charts, from meals at restaurants to boxes & bags of pre-made goods. I’m overwhelmed, by this & most things in life at the moment. But I’m admitting it, and we’re setting ourselves up really well for this week: The only groceries purchased were coffee, eggs, apples & a pumpkin. (Then Joe attacked the truck load sale at our co-op & stocked up on tea & granola bars. But still. Back on track.)

denotes ingredients purchased/made in prior weeks
FM denotes farmers’ market (otherwise, from Bloomingfoods)

Breakfast: refrigerator oatmeal or toast with jam & butter or giant gala apples

Sat. lunch: Porchetta Louie at Dressel’s Public House
Sat. dinner:
deep-dish pizza at Black Thorn Pizza
Sun. brunch:
breakfast burrito at Winslow’s Home
Sun. dinner:
random things from gas stations & found in the fridge right before bed
Mon. lunch:
leftovers from last week
Mon. dinner:
kale salad with baguette & cheese
Tues. lunch: sweet potato & winter greens soup
Tues. dinner: homemade ratatouille pizza
Wed. lunch: sweet potato & winter greens soup
Wed. dinner: stir fry with bok choi
Thurs. lunch: homemade pumpkin ravioli & pesto
Thurs. dinner: massive salads with meslun, home-grown spinach & radishes, misc. veggies
Friday lunch:
fish sandwiches at That Sandwich Place in Nashville, Ind.
Friday dinner: snacking on pumpkin bars, beer bread & cheese dip (Thanks, family!)
Sat. lunch: baguette & cheese + BBQ + bottles of wine at Oliver Winery
Sat. dinner: homemade pizza


CSA (average $60/week, since we now have 2… #woops)
sweet peppers
meslun greens
bok choi
green beans
gala apples
2 large onions
10 baby beets

From Garden
jalapeño peppers


About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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2 Responses to week 7: the budget update

  1. Tammy says:

    Have you given us a recipe for sweet potato winter greens soup? Sounds amazing and certainly contains what is in my CSA.

    • meganbetz says:

      No, I haven’t but I’ll put one up tomorrow for you! It’s definitely a mess of whatever we happen to have on hand, so I’ll give you the basics so you can change it endlessly!

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