week 6: trying really, really hard


We’re really living up a no whining, no waste lifestyle–just not in the way we expected. This weekend, we headed to Evansville for a wedding. It meant a meal on the road & a lot of meat.

A lot.

When they offered us leftover catering from the rehearsal dinner, we jumped on it. We wanted to keep the food from going bad, but we also knew the kind of week we had ahead of us. The salads & sandwiches kept us…

  1. from buying many groceries,
  2. from ordering more food at 9 p.m. when we don’t have time to make dinner, and
  3. out of the kitchen so we could focus on catching up.

Right now, I’m digging into a can of soup that I found on clearance. It’s Wednesday. We haven’t stepped near the stove (other than to heat up miniature hamburgers) since Thursday.

I have eaten more chicken & beef in the past week than at any point in the past six years. Joe & I have both suffered the serious stomach pains to really drive that fact home. So while not much went into our trash or came home in grocery bags, we’re both eager to get back to a plant-based diet. I’m especially excited to try out some fun new vegan substitutes in upcoming baking.. then to un-vegan next week by making our own cheese.

This will be another weekend out of town, so before we go I really need to look at the impact of eating out. What waste are we creating? How can it be made more sustainable? Can I remember to bring my own reusable container, so I don’t have to put my leftovers in Styrofoam?

But for the next few days, my main concern is using up the entirety of our CSA before Saturday, when we pick up TWO CSA shares. (Guess who signed up for a winter one, then realized it overlapped their current CSA by a few weeks? #freezerfun)


About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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