week 3: the budget update

So, there was a lot of food spending this week & waste this week, but there was a lot of good food & a lot of sharing with friends. The waste was… complicated, but I’ve also gotten more detailed with our list-making. Our favorite meal this week? Getting back to our German heritage with mashed potatoes & sauerkraut. I made the sauerkraut ages ago, and it truly gets better with time. For the mashed potatoes, I didn’t feel like using our almond milk, so I used the cream cheese left over from the poppers, mustard & butter. Creamy, rich, filling–one of our new favorite meals. Not to mention the pumpkin garlic knots, which were actually acorn squash knots to use up some things under the sink. (Can you tell the seasons are changing? All I can think about is carbs, like I’m preparing for hibernation.)

denotes ingredients purchased/made in prior weeks

Breakfast: eggs & avocado or almond milk & fruit (frozen from early in the farmers’ market season) smoothies

Fri. lunch: leftovers at Joe’s sister’s house (stuffed pasta shells & crab rangoon)
Fri. dinner:
Turoni’s pizza & their Blue-eyed Moose IPA
Sat. lunch: snacking on preserves (toast with tomato spreads & pesto, homemade pickles, sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese, etc.)
Sat. dinner: homemade goodies at a friend’s game night, to which we contributed salsa
Sun. lunch: pasta salad & jalapeño poppers
Sun. dinner:
cream of broccoli soup & pumpkin-garlic knots
Mon lunch: pasta salad
Mon. dinner:
green beans, fried tempheh & mashed potatoes* with sauerkraut*
Tues. lunch:
nachos (forgot to pack & ended up eating out before a meeting)
Tues. dinner:
ratatouille, baguette topped with cheese & Swiss chard and peach crisp
Wed. lunch: left-over baguette, cheeses, etc. from Tues. night
Wed. dinner: BLTs with egg & avocado
Thurs. lunch: a day date at Taste of India’s buffet (I know, but we won Date Money :))
Thurs. dinner: BLTs with egg & avocado

salted almonds*, pumpkin garlic knots, chips & homemade salsa


CSA (average $25/week)
4 eggplants
green beans
2 garlic bulbs
2 sweet peppers
Italian parsley
winter squash

Organic Groceries ($70)
apple cider vinegar
6-pack of beer
Thai curry paste
2 avocados
almond milk
crimini mushrooms
granulated sugar
white wine, mozzarella cheese, lots of greens, red wines (for friends’ dinner)

Impulse Purchases ($25)
Joe’s bacon & cream cheese for jalapeño poppers, tortilla chips, chocolate soy milk

From Garden
jalapeño peppers


  • bacon grease & plastic bacon packaging
  • cream cheese box & foil wrapper
  • compost that didn’t make it to the compost bin
  • bag of carrots that were completely blue with mold, found in the back of the crisper
  • brownies, left over from last Sunday’s dinner, that went moldy
  • a paper bag that got ruined from a smashed tomato
  • lots of plastic tempeh wrapper, into trash
  • 2 plastic bottles from different cooking oils, recycled
  • wrappers for 2 sticks of butter
  • the ends of ratatouille, pesto & tomato dip that ended up in the trash after sitting out over night (after playing Ticket To Ride until midnight)
  • 1/2 cup of Indian food, left on my plate after our lunch date
  • a plastic straw (trashed), cup & lid (recycled) from an iced coffee we shared
  • 2 bagels & 2 servings of pasta salad that made their way to the back of the fridge, into trash

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human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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2 Responses to week 3: the budget update

  1. Scott Brechmacher says:

    What would it take to get you to bring a batch of those pumpkin-garlic knots to school one day? (Must try.)

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