outside experience: a plug

Husband, snapped at the Orchard’s 2012 Spring Planting Day by a fellow board member

As Bill Brown mentioned in this week’s lesson plan, the Bloomington Community Orchard would be an incredible way to spend one of your outside experience “assignments.”

Am I partial? Yes. Forgive me.

Last year, just a week or two into my time with SPEA, I saw a flier hanging in the graduate student lounge. “Free Fruit for All!” A public orchard, where the harvest was dedicated to the community. A place where gardeners at all experience levels (including non-gardeners) could come together.

The Orchard changed my life.

An acre of land, dedicated to food security & the joy of helping things grow. A collection of the sweetest people–the deepest wells of knowledge I’ve ever known. There’s nothing like stepping into the clean air of the orchard & taking a walk through the trees. At this stage, they’re so excited about their new home you can almost watch them grow.

This year, we saw our first strawberries. There were peaches, berries & colonies of bees. There was drought, and the watering team learned how to get us through it.

Be a part of the next Orchard season. There’s tons on the horizon. In October, there’s the Community Forum, where we’ll have our major discussion: Who gets the fruit, and what does that mean? Then we’ll have Cider Fest, an invigorating autumn celebration. Or join us for workdays each Saturday from 1 to 5 pm–run open house-style, so you can stay as long or little as you like.

Have questions about the Orchard? Feel free to get a hold of me–I’m always happy to talk about it. Have a skill you’d like to share with the Orchard? I’d love to connect you to the right person.


About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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