week 2: the budget update

Despite our efforts to use this week for clearing out the pantry, it proved quite difficult. Friends visiting, dinner invitations, spending Thursday in the car. A lot of meals were simply out of our control. We’ll be hitting the pantry harder next week. At least it means we’ll spend next to nothing on groceries & have loads of fresh, basic ingredients to build meals from.

We ended this weak feeling leaden, tired, worthless. The slip away from a healthy diet has finally taken its toll, so I’m honestly really looking forward to what’s next.

* denotes ingredients purchased/made in prior weeks

Breakfast: homemade bread with honey or almond milk & fruit (frozen from early in the farmers’ market season) smoothies

Fri. lunch: brunch at Bloomingfoods (not in budget)
Fri. dinner:
 pasta with mushrooms, Romano, basil & dried tomatoes
Sat. lunch: Taste of India’s lunch buffet (not in budget)
Sat. dinner: eggplant Parmesan
Sun. lunch: eggs & fried potatoes*
Sun. dinner:
pizza from scratch with tomatoes, Swiss chard, sweet pepper & mozzarella
M/W lunch: butternut squash soup with homemade bread
Mon. dinner: zucchini-Parmesan latkes
Tues lunch: more pizza
Tues. dinner:
butternut squash soup
Wed. dinner: dinner at a friends, with us contributing zucchini brownies (made vegan with banana in place of butter & egg)
Thurs. lunch: egg sandwiches
Thurs. dinner:
Chinese buffet (on the road… I don’t even want to talk about it)

salted almonds*, Kashi crackers*, madeleines


CSA (average $25/week)
Swiss chard
spaghetti squash
butternut squash
green beans
2 pints of tomatoes
hot pepper
sweet peppers
summer squash

Organic Groceries
coffee ($11/lb.)
a lot of yerba mate tea ($12/lb.)
peaches ($4/quart)
eggplant ($3/2 lbs.)
eggs ($4.50)
chili peppers ($1)
cheeses ($9)
supplies for madeleines ($8)

Impulse Purchases
case of beer ($13)

From Garden
jalapeño peppers


  • food left on plates at both Taste of India & the Chinese buffet
  • bottles & cardboard, recycled, from the case of beer
  • a pizza box too greasy to recycle
  • loads of compost scraps, which turned into a swarm of fruit flies before we could get to the garden & ultimately ended up in the trash–a truly unfortunate series of events
  • styrofoam egg carton, which will be donated to one of the egg vendors at the farmers’ market
  • containers of leftover green beans & potato soup that we didn’t eat fast enough

About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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